Kinesiology Therapy

Nicky Mainstone Kinesiology therapy includes holistic healing through the use of muscle testing techniques to restore your natural energy balance and realignment; also through the use of orchid flower essences, a profound and lasting effect is created.

Each kinesiology therapy session is personalized for your specific needs, be is emotional, physical, holistic or nutritional. Therefore, each therapy is different and unique.

“It was an amazing session, I absolutely loved it…so fascinating and I just love the way you work, so multi-layered and cosmic, multi-dimensional yet with two feet firmly on the planet… how do you do that?! I loved that we covered so much and I am really looking forward to the next session, can I book it in please?” KL

Our Services

Here at Nicky Mainstone Kinesiology, we are proud providers of Kinesiology services to help improve your body and mind in equal measure.


There are many physical ailments that the regular practice of kinesiology can lessen. We tailor treatment to your unique needs.


Many emotional issues can be unravelled and balanced to bring back wellness and happiness into your life.


If you seek holistic treatment trust Nicky Mainstone to provide thorough and caring holistic services.


We provide nutritional advice, dietary plans, vitamin testing and food intolerance testing.

"Nicky – A better way to good health. I have been receiving regular treatments from Nicky for a number of years. No problem too small from aches and pains to dietary and stress related problems. Her gentle and informed approach is invaluable and it works. Highly recommended." Joy
"Very high quality therapy. Nicky is a very talented therapist and creates a calming healing environment for the sessions. She successfully healed my sleep apnoea and has helped me achieve a more balanced, healthy lifestyle through regular monthly sessions." MichelleB


1 – 10
October 2024- June 2025
Tuxford Wellness Centre


April 27th & 28th

July 20th & 21st



April 19th & 20th 2024


Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm

Please contact for evening or Saturday clinic dates Tel.07525675348

“After a lifetime of feeling I am ‘ill’ I finally feel well and I can’t believe it.” AG
“Wish you every blessing for the year ahead and to thank you so much for the support and amazing treatments last year.” BH
“When I first met Nicky I felt like I was battling with the world. I wasn’t very well at all. She heard me. Visiting Nicky for the first time, it was as though she turned on a switch inside me that I hadn’t realised was off. I travelled hundreds of miles to have sessions with her (I took unpaid days off work etc.), that’s how much it was worth it for me and that’s how much I felt I was gaining for my overall health. I cannot recommend Nicky highly enough: the work she did to/with/on me has enabled me to look after myself, take care of my health and ultimately feel better." AP