Would you like to become a Kinesiologist?

Who is this for?

Whether you are a full-time professional, a part-time worker, a student or you have retired, you can join us on an amazing journey. Learn how to help yourself, friends & family or start your journey towards a new career. To take this course you need to have completed the OHB foundation course.

What to expect?

A friendly and welcoming environment with upbeat and interactive teaching sessions and One to one support, help, and advice throughout your training. Make new friends for life While improving your overall feeling of wellness and helping those around you.

Who can participate?

There is no pre requisite to join this Foundation Course. Just some enthusiasm and willingness to participate.

How much study time is needed?

In addition to the 60 hours of in person training ( 8 days – modules 1 – 4) , the home study time is around 40 hours and a minimum of 20 case studies .

What is the qualification?

The qualification is a Foundation Course in Kinesiology with the OHB and Touch for Health 1,2 & 3. Certification with the OHB Foundation Course enables you to take a practitioners course ( approx. 12 – 18 months). You may become a student member of the Kinesiology Federation.

What is covered in each module?

OHB Module 1

  • Principles of TFH and the art of muscle testing
  • The 14 muscle tests and corrections
  • Goal setting to achieve a deeper, more enduring balance 
  • Checking and correction for Auricular and Visual inhibition 
  • Relief of emotional stress and simple pain relief techniques

OHB Module 2

  • The law of 5 elements
  • 18 more muscle tests
  • Further techniques for helping pain and stress
  • Food testing with sensitivity mode
  • Yin/Yang concept

OHB Module 3

  • Reactive Muscle Theory
  • Further muscle tests
  • 5 Element Balancing with Goal and Emotion
  • Emotional stress release for defusing past trauma and stress Further pain reduction techniques

OHB Module 4

  • Optimum Health Mini balance to introduce working with the vibrational icons
  • Introduction to Finger modes to identify structural, chemical/nutritional, emotional, and electromagnetic imbalances and how to correct them.
  • Muscle Testing by body area.
  • Self-help activities
  • Review of course content practice, discussion of Home study case studies

Already have a foundation in kinesiology?

We have a Practitioners Course starting in October 2021.


February 4 & 5 2022


– In Person (Part 1 of 4 Levels) –


22-25 Sept 2021

Modules 3 & 4

4-5 October 2021

Practitioners OHB Kinesiology
Dates TBC until October 2022


Nicola Mainstone KFRP & Anita Ramsden KFRP

"We know and recognize that we are part of the Whole - the human being – Today I have the possibility of being aware of the whole System, in a harmonious and natural way. If we use our body sensibly, we can transform it into a constructive social element. 

Without any prior knowledge of Touch for Health I am being instructed by Ms Nicky Mainstone - kinesiologist.  Now from my own experience, I can say that Touch for Health is a way to enhance my life. To that of my family and friends a well-being, healthy body through the restoration via muscle balancing. 

I thank Professor Nicky for her professionalism, knowledge and availability in showing me." Silvia

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